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Oz Markelarimiz

It is a brand policy used in various supermarket and hypermarket networks.

With these brands, companies maintain control over production, product quality, market value, and retail intensity, ultimately offering products at a more affordable price.

It is generally offered 10-15% cheaper than other similar products sold under our own brand name (Private label "PL"). The product cost is minimized by minimizing advertising and marketing costs, thus making PL products cheaper than similar products.

This mechanism is defined by the recipient layer. As a result, it is able to meet the buyers' requirements while maintaining quality.

The demand for PL products in the world market is increasing and in recent years it has been recorded at 17% of statistical growth.

The Bazarstore Stores Network has also introduced Private Label products to its customers, taking advantage of world experience in its field of activity, thereby making it the first in Azerbaijan. Bazarstore PL is the products currently on sale in our "Gülüm", "Selskoe", "Vega", "Alfa", "Life" and "Antique". It is not over yet. Bazarstore intends to increase the number and range of its brands in order to provide quality products to its customers at reasonable prices, taking into account the demand.

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