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The main purpose of Bazarstore`s Human Resources.

The main purpose of Bazarstore Human Resources is to develop a well-equipped, customer-driven, sales-oriented human resource that will help maintain a leading position in the competitive retail industry. It builds Bazarstore's strategy to maintain sustainable quality, reputation and sector leadership with an understanding of customer satisfaction that will raise the standards of retailing where it operates. The main goal of Bazarstore`s Human Resources is to establish and implement systems based on corporate principles that will ensure the continuous development, motivation and management of human resources that will allow the organization to compete in implementing this strategy. Our main task is to establish and implement an objective Human Resource System that aligns with company strategy and values and serves employee satisfaction and engagement.

The main principles of competition and keeping up with the demands of the time are: Correct recruitment of employees, professional development of staff with training and education that will have a positive impact on business life and, most importantly, motivation of employees. The Company's human resources policy on these requirements has a major and important role.

Bazarstore uses the necessary resources and technologies at the Retail Academy to further enhance customer satisfaction and support its employees to become more professional and support professional behavior and training.