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Azersun Holding, a leading food and agriculture company in Azerbaijan since 1991, has made a significant contribution to the retail sector by implementing its next successful project in 2011. Bazarstrore established the network of stores. Since its inception, Bazarstore has been leading the retail industry in Azerbaijan. From the date of foundation, Bazarstore focuses on innovative projects and development in the retail sector, focusing on customer expectations. Bazarstore provides its customers with cosmetics, stationery, kitchen appliances, electronics and textile products along with food and other essential products with stores operating in Baku, Sumgait, Ganja, Shamkir, Gabala, Mingachevir, Barda, Imishli, Lankaran, Sheki, Zagatala. Bazarstore continues to be one step ahead in the sector with its importance and investment in information technology.




With the strong, happy employees and strong company infrastructure, constantly focusing on customer satisfaction, providing sustainable development, providing reliable, profitable and high-quality service by turning retail experience and professionalism into customer satisfaction.


To be a true destination for quality, reliable and up-to-date service for our customers and all our partners with our high-performance, nation-wide stores. Maintain leadership in the retail sector by meeting the consumer's standards while maintaining the quality standard.




The values that guide us as we carry out our mission:

The principle of justice and fairness

At the heart of our work is the notion of justice, the right balance, and the right of others;

The principle of action

We believe that everyone will reap what they sow, and that the laborer will be rewarded;

Quality policy

Our main goal is to identify the needs and wants of our customers and to provide better products and services beyond desire;

The principle of responsibility

Every product we produce covers the human health factor and we do not compromise on this matter;

The principle of morality

We hire people with good morals, we believe our employees are the "leaders of their business";

The principle of trust

Emphasizes the motivation of our employees, provides financial and moral support to their performance;

The spirit of the group

Encourages our employees to express their opinions freely and open, and attach great importance to their thoughts and ideas;

The principle of cooperation

We create safe, secure and healthy working conditions for our employees;

The principle of agility

We see the dynamic and sustainable development of our staff as the basis of our success;

The principle of organization

We attach great importance to the trust and commitment of our institution;

The principle of equality

We treat all our employees and persons with whom we are in business relationships, regardless of religion, language, race, nationality or social status;

The principle of technological know-how

Rapidly mastering, developing and utilizing technical innovations and creating our own know-how;

The principle of perfection

Our overall quality is our lives;

The principle of benefiting the community

We do our utmost to benefit the community and acquire the trust of the people of the region in which we work;

The principle of respect to the environment

In all our work, we strive to protect the environment and nature;

The principle of legality

We obey the rules of the country where we are;

The principle of the future

We aim to shed light on future generations;

The principle of love and respect

Behaves with the principles of mutual respect with the individuals and entities we are in contact with, and focus on the continuous development of human relations;

The principle of fair competition

We believe in the power of competition, and that it leads us to excellence;