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Let's protect the environment

Environment-friendly Bazarstore pioneered one more initiative!

You will also have a share in protection of the environment! To prevent contamination of the environment with insoluble harmful plastic bags over many years, Bazarstore offers its consumers exquisite bags that can be repeatedly used and are not harmful to nature. You also join us! Let's protect the environment by making very little use of the harmful bags! We believe that this exquisite and high-quality Bazarstore bags will always serve you well.

June 01 - Bazarstore held a painting exhibition on the occasion of International Day for Protection of Children

Bazarstore brought joy to children on June 1 International Day for Protection of Children. Children who came shopping with their parents found a lot of surprises waiting for them like gifts, balloons and sweets! Bazarstore congratulated participants of Painting contest held on the occasion of children's holiday on June 01. Collection of them all at Bazarstore, Boulevard Trade and Entertainment center, it created a really enjoyable holiday atmosphere. A joyful clown raised interest among children with his funny talks, entertaining competitions. Six-year-old Banu Nuruzadeh’s painting got the greatest number of votes by customers and was declared winner among the paintings displayed in front of the store. Notwithstanding this, all the participants parted from Bazarstore on the holiday with good impressions and wonderful presents.