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Delicious fish cutlets

Any white fish (2 files)
Eggs 4, fresh herbs, dry bread crumbs, salt, pepper

The fish is blended and if you are going to use frozen filet, squeeze it well to remove all water before preparation. Cut herbs into tiny strips, mix them with 1 yolk and add them onto meat. Frozen animal butter is ground on grating machine, added to the meat and properly mixed. Separately, white of the egg are mixed and also added to the mincemeat. Salt and pepper are added. The pan is heated and cutlets are rolled out of the mincemeat with damp hands, dipped in dry bread crumbs and roasted. All these must be done so quickly that the animal butter in the meat should not melt and cutlets collapse. If you fail to follow the recipe well then bread will keep in the cutlet and as such cutlets will become very soft. After slight roasting, the cutlets need to be further cooked in a stove or microwave oven.