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In the developing retail scenario, the needs of the customer are constantly increasing. Our mission is to provide modern, healthy, high quality and reliable products always to our customers.

We are extremely cautious in the process of purchase, production and sales to make sure that our customer’s safety is given top priority and they are only served the safest products. To ensure this, we make sure that the products and raw materials that we provide our consumers with are produced under hygienic conditions. Strict rules of hygiene are followed in the cold chain, production and sale areas.

Following are our safety measures:

Staff hygiene
Educating and training our employees about Food Safety and hygiene, periodically.

Hygiene On The Fresh Food Areas
The cleaning of these areas and equipment is done regularly and logged in accordance with plans and instructions. In the audit, cleaning and disinfection activities are followed through by hand and that of equipment by microbiological analysis.

Temperature Controls
Great importance is given to not breaking the cold chain in the product throughout the processes of acceptance, product storage and presentation. The temperature of all cold storehouses, refrigerators and shelves are controlled as per the requirements.

Expiry date Control
The expiry dates of all products on sale in the stores are checked on the shelves and in the storehouses on a regular basis. We take back products from shelves which are nearing expiry date.

Cross-Contamination Precaution
On the service shelves, gloves are used while preparing the product and are replaced at regular intervals according to the purpose they are used for.

Store Control
Bazarstore stores Quality and Food Safety applications are audited periodically by Quality Management Department Experts, according to GMP and HACCP procedures.

Control of Suppliers
Products are controlled to determine if they meet the legal requirements (Regulations of the Ministry of Health, etc) in the purchasing step. It is targeted to audit suppliers with their products risk levels periodically.