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Private Labels


Different super and hypermarket chains utilize the brand policy strategy.

These brands are utilized to control the production and quality of goods as well as their market value and retail saleability, which enables to offer such goods at a more favorable price.

By and large, the goods distributed under the “Private label" (“PL") brand are 10 to 15% cheaper than similar goods under other brands. The advertisement and marketing costs are minimized, consequently reducing the primary cost of goods. This, in turn, enables to sell PL goods at a price lower than that of similar goods under other brands.

This mechanism should be established in respect with consumer level. As a result, the objective of maintaining the quality and satisfying consumer requirements has been achieved.

The PL goods have enjoyed an increasing demand in the global market. Over the last years, statistical increase of demand for such goods reached 17%.

Always referring to the good world practice in their activities, Bazarstore retail chain are offering our customers Private Label goods and thus introducing another novelty in Azerbaijan. The goods currently sold in our stores under the brands Bazar, Bazar Home, Alfa, Life, Antique, Excellence are the very Bazarstore’s PL goods. And it is not the end. Taking a good account of consumer demand for goods, Bazarstore are going to ramp up the amounts and slate of such brands in order to provide our clients the quality goods at even lower prices.