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«Bazarstore» LLC
Legal address: Baku city, Khatai district, Babek avenue, block 1129

Privacy Policy applies to all information about Internet user that may be obtained by while using the site.

General Provisions

  1. Some of the objects on this site are the intellectual property of the company «Bazarstore». The use of such objects is stipulated by current legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.
  2. The «Bazarstore» site contains links, enabling the transfer to other sites. «Bazarstore» LLC will not bear the responsibility for the information, published at these sites and such links are provided only for the personal convenience of the visitors of our site.

Personal information and security for the visitors of site

«Bazarstore» LLC guarantees that no information you provide will ever under no circumstances be provided to third parties, except situations stipulates by the applicable legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Confidentiality is observed in respect to the personal information, unless some users voluntarily provided information about themselves for unrestricted public access. In this case, the user agrees that some part of his personal information becomes public.

«Bazarstore» LLC guarantees the organizational and technical measures to protect the personal information of the user from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other illegal actions of third parties.

Personal information of the user may be used during the periods of sale, campaigns, announcement of innovations at the Bazarstore and while shopping online.

The material on the site is of the informational nature and is subject to change without prior notice

Feedback. Questions and suggestions

All suggestions or questions regarding the present Privacy Policy and performance of the site you may send to the e-mail