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Cod liver is very beneficial for women

Do you know the benefit of the Cod fish liver for women???

Doctors usually advise women to add cod fish liver in their food ratio beginning from the 3rd month. Scientists assert that if they regularly use it till end of pregnancy and while milking their infant, then the child will intellectually develop in future. Its nutritious value is extremely high. B 12 vitamin is high in this fish, while calorie and grease are virtually non-existent. It is an excellent discovery for those who care their appearance and stature. Its spawns are full of C vitamins. Further it is also rich with minerals, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, kalium and iodine.

Recommended to know...

Do not throw away the liquid matter accumulated on yoghurt...

Yoghurt, cheese and other milk products are rich in proteins, Ca, phosphorus, B2 and B12 vitamins. It is wide known that Ca plays an important role in healthy development of bones and teeth and plays vital role in proper functioning of cells. However, one needs to pay attention to the freshness and naturalness of milk products and use them properly. For instance, many people throw away the green liquid accumulated on yoghurt. But did you know that the liquid is rich in B 12 vitamins? Therefore it is recommended to drink, mix with yoghurt or add into soup the liquid on yoghurt.

Magic cocktail!!!

Butter milk + spices=lost kilograms

Add half spoon of cinnamon, so much of ginger and a pinch of red pepper into a glass of butter milk (grease ratio 0,1-2,5%). Mix and drink it in the morning and evening before going to bed. If you drink it regularly, you may lose weight to the extent of 3-4 kg in a month. What are the impacts of this cocktail? It speeds up metabolism and dispels excess food from organism. It is recommended to drink this cocktail after good dinner. Cinnamon dispels toxins and remnants from the body and positively influences work of intestinal system and kidneys. Therefore, it has wonderful effect if mixed with butter milk.