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Returns policy

As a customer you have right to return any purchased product from Bazarstore within 15 days.

For this you have to submit shopping bill receipt. If not return process will not be carried out.

The right to buy fresh product

If there is any product with expired shelf life among the products you bought from Bazarstore markets, you may buy the similar product for free, provided you bring the receipt along with you.

The right to buy cheap

If there is any difference between the price indicated on the labels in the Bazarstore markets and the cash price, you may make payment at a lower price.

The right to examine complaints

  • You may post your written complaints on the customer services stand regarding any issue of your concern at Bazarstore markets. Would you have any concerns or suggestions please drop them at our customer services stand at the Bazarstore market.
  • If you write your contact numbers, we will immediately contact you related to the issue of your concern.
  • You may communicate your complaints also directly via "120 customer services" number.

The right to offer the product you wish to see at our store

You may offer, in writing, any product you wish to see at Bazarstore on our customer services stand.



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