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Our meat department is an area where we always go the extra mile. Whether you are a trained chef, a savvy cook, a master of the grill, or a novice, ensuring that you have a high-quality, great tasting piece of meat is the beginning and end to what they need for a fantastic meal. We grow all our meat in our farms, making sure that we deliver only the highest quality to the table.

In the past, before markets became ‘super’, people depended on the expertise of the neighborhood butcher. Trust was crucial – trust that the meat was fresh, of high quality, cut the right way, a great value, and that you were receiving good advice. The butcher’s goal was to see the patron succeed; he loved to hear about dinner at home, how the client prepared the meat, and what new things he was interested in trying. We maintain a strict compliance with the rules of hygiene and sanitary standards making sure our meat is safe and healthy any time you buy it.

Our meat comes from our in-house farms which means we are in control of all stages of product all the way to the shelf. We adhere strictly to rules of Halal for our discerning customers