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Minimize and gradually get rid of the scars on your face with BOTOK-MASKA

If you have no time to visit beauty salons, you may achieve a very good result by this homemade simple mask. So, put 1 spoonful of potato starch in a glass and mix and slightly boil it. Mix 5 spoons of jelly with natural carrot juice by adding 1 spoon of thick cream on top. The mask is ready. This mask needs to be applied on your face seven to ten times every 2 days.

Secret of wonderful color HONEY....

To clean your face with honey, expose your face to daisy steam for 10 minutes. Then apply not very thick honey on your face and massage it by your fingers (as if playing the piano). This will remove harmful remains and dirt off your skin. First white cystiform bags will appear on your face and then the pores will get cleaned. You may finish this procedure by light face massage. Wash away the applied honey with lukewarm water and clean your skin with daisy boil. When you look at yourself in the mirror after getting up early in the morning, you will find your face clean and fresh.