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Bazarstore at the conference-exhibition of British school.

At the conference called "British education in the changing world", advantages of British education system, its achievements and prospects in the world, including Azerbaijan, were points of discussion. British School in Baku students were given the presents won at Olympiads of Council of British International Schools (COBIS) at the Conference. Partners of British school exhibited their works at the Exhibition held within the Conference. The stand belonging to Bazarstore raised interests of the visitors and especially, the foreigners living in Baku.

Johnson's baby dyed children with bright colors at Bazarstore.

As one of the world's renowned brands, Johnson & Johnson held an interesting action at Bazarstores on June 1 International Day for Protection of Children. The special harmless paint called Face art, i.e., face painting so much of interest among children recently, added color to their holidays with multicolored paintings. Face painters working at stores painted different flowers, fairytale heroes and different animal pictures on children's faces. Johnson baby's surprise did not end only by that. They took memory photos of the holiday and handed them out among the small children.